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Whack Your Ex Game Review

Whack Your Ex Game Review
Posted by: MaximuSR, 2015-12-07, 12:56 - 0 comments

Whack Your Ex is an extremely popular flash game that has a rating of 85% on Silvergames with at least 82k votes by the players. If you have been dumped recently by your boyfriend or girlfriend or cheated on by the one you thought loved you, this ridiculous little flash game will help you relieve some stress. It's the ultimate couple's therapy, but you don't have to pay for it.

You can injure and insult your ex in several hilarious ways. There are many random items lying on the ground which you can click on to use, and each one of them is funny and satisfying. It can be useful for relieving stress and getting rid of your tension without actually harming your ex.

There are two characters in the game. One is a boy, while the other is a girl and there are several random items lying on the floor. All you need to do is click on these items and sit back and enjoy as the character on-screen destroys and demeans the other. If you don't want to end up in jail by hurting someone but still want to get rid of leftover feelings, this game will help you do that. No need to get mad or be pissed at yourself or the people around you; instead, play Whack Your Ex and get creative in whacking and killing your ex in funny and ridiculous ways.


It is a simple flash game with two characters and seventeen methods of demolishing your ex. For example, there is a laptop lying nearby. You can use it to beat your ex senselessly to take out all your frustration. Another great option is Hide Out. Clicking on the brick lying at the bottom will help you build a brick wall. Once you have completed the hideout, your ex will peep through the hole and they'll be blown away. Another shitty thing to do to your ex is quite literally to attack them with feces using a feces gun. This can be an oddly satisfying and hilarious experience. Another funny way to hurt your ex is to click on the birthday cap. Once you do so, a giant monkey appears and hands out caps to both the characters and then hands some air balloons to your ex. These balloons will pull her up to the sky and then she'll fall to her death.

On the other hand, if you are a girl looking for ways to torment your ex-boyfriend, you can try some other objects. For example, clicking on the credit card will purchase a lot of fancy items like a jacket, sports car and a tiara using the credit card of your ex. Once your ex realizes this, you'll be able to jump in the brand new car and ram your ex with it. Similarly, after clicking on the rocket launcher, you'll be able to destroy everything including your ex using this rocket launcher. That's a pretty sweet way to whack your ex, right?

Clicking on the boxing gloves will give a present to your ex and when he opens it, he'll find a pair of boxing gloves that you can then use to beat him bloody. It's hard to admit that you don't want to do that to your ex and now you can do it without getting into any trouble. You can also drop a huge shark on your ex's head and enjoy as he screams in anguish and pain. Another option will let your character go out with your ex's dad as he looks on with jealousy. After that, you can shoot him in the head.

These are just some of the hilarious ways that the game lets you whack your ex, and there are plenty more that you can discover by playing this crazy but simple flash game.


The flash game may sound a bit unrealistic and foolish, but it's a pretty funny and relaxing game that'll help you get rid of leftover feelings and tension by trying simple yet amusing and ridiculous tricks. It'll help you relax and feel better if you can whack your ex in several different ways. If you would like to check the game then check their official website

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